Vintage in Vacationland!: Maine Adventures Part 2

To wrap up my posts about shopping in Maine, I definitely saved the best for last.  When I was telling my step-grandma, Vicki, about my adventures and this blog, she mentioned that she had recently seen a newspaper article about Heirloom Antiques & Vintage in Waterville, ME.  Being an avid shopper like me, she was more than eager to take the trip and check it out! We took a day trip to Waterville, with some other shopping stops along the way.

Simply put, Heirloom was great, and is now in my top list of favorite stores.  The owner, Nicole, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and her shop reflects her pleasant and bubbly personality.  All of the items in the store are carefully and thoughtfully organized and on display.  The store is bright, warm, and welcoming; you don't want to leave!

There was a great selection of items, ranging all decades.  I came across some really unique and beautiful pieces; for example, there was a whole collection of '60's dress and jacket sets made with beautiful Asian fabrics from a woman whose mother was originally from Korea.  It was heartbreaking that they were way too small for me! A lot of sizes were on the smaller side; based off of the amount of regulars that stopped in the store while I was there for a short while, it's obvious that Nicole has a following, which means that stuff goes quickly!  Still, there was definitely plenty for my liking, and I certainly picked more than a handful to try on!

I was also impressed by the amount of men's clothing.  Unlike vintage stores where men's clothing are skipped over or are just an afterthought, Heirloom has a complete men's section that's given as much  love and care as the women's clothing.  I especially liked the layout and displays in the men's area:

Nicole helped me pick out items to try, and I ended up coming away with three winners; a yellow 1960's house dress, a custom made dress from the 60's with a matching belt, and what I've been looking for....a wicker woven purse!


 On top of the great items Nicole has in her shop, she also has them priced to sell.  Not only were these great pieces, but they were great bargains, in my opinion.  I paid $16 for the purse, $15 for the yellow dress, and Nicole gave the second dress to me for $25, when it was originally priced at $29.  All in all I paid less than $60 for three items that I absolutely love!  If you happen to be in the area definitely stop by for your winter coat - there were beautiful vintage wool coats she was selling for $40!  You can't get anything these days at remotely the same quality for prices like that.  

Stopping at Heirloom was the perfect ending to my trip to Maine.  Nicole was a joy to talk with, and I hope to keep in touch with her and purchase from the shop remotely!  I'll definitely be stopping in whenever I'm up north.  A huge thank you to my shopping partner in crime, Vicki, for taking me!

Oh, and by the way....did I mention that Nicole's husband sells homemade fresh bread next door?  Yes darlings, heaven is a place on earth.  

 Until next time!

xoxo, Bettie


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