Bettie is Back! Quick NJ Shore Pit Stop

Hello dears,

It's certainly been a while, but after a hiatus your darling Bargain Bettie is back, and with a vengeance!  I was able to score my old work laptop for just $100 (talk about a bargain!), and am ready to get back to updating my fellow thrifters and deal-lovers with my finds.  Just because I haven't been writing certainly does not mean I haven't been shopping (obviously), so hopefully I can catch you all up on some of my deals through more regular Friday Finds!

My most recent shop stop was a stumble-upon moment while spending the day in Red Bank.  I'm planning an event for my company at the GORGEOUS Oyster Point and Molly Pitcher hotels, and after a walk through had some kill time in town before heading on the road home.  I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Taylor Sam's (probably one of the best salad's I've ever had) and was walking back towards my car when I noticed the windows of Greene Street.  The outside of the store looks so chic I wouldn't have even known it was consignment, had the words "Shop, Recycle, Consign" not caught my eye!

The first thing I liked about Greene Street from the moment I stepped in was the ambiance and set up. High ceilings, great lighting, a bit industrial chic with good music; it definitely had a great boutique feel.  Everything felt very fresh; it didn't feel like you were shopping secondhand or consignment at all.

The store was organized into clothing item type: a rack for shirts, a rack for dresses, a high-end designer rack, etc.

A decent men's section!

A section of dresses along the wall.
One thing I LOVED about Greene Street was their shoe section; something about the way they displayed their shoes made me want to desperately find a pair!

For my fitness ladies there was an Activewear rack.  I pulled a super cute Lululemon CRB and a pair of Athleta knickers to try on.  Unfortunately neither fit, but if you're a secondhand Lulu/Athleta junkie like I am, the rack is definitely worth a look.

Ultimately I entered the dressing room with a very heavy hand of hangers - a great cherry printed dress from J.Crew, a funky patterned babydoll by BCBG, and some other fun pieces:

My absolute FAVORITE was a plaid fit n' flare.  I was so sad that it was tight across the bust and was pulling!  It was ever so slight, but pulling in that area is a pet peeve of mine when I wear clothes, so I knew it would constantly bother me.

In the end Greene Street had a really great selection of fun, different pieces.  Everything I had pulled was in really great condition.   By my standards it is on the pricier side; while you're paying significantly less than in-store prices for clothes that are in like-new condition, $30.00 and up for a second-hand, current trend dress isn't my idea of a knock-your-socks-off find (I'd rather spend that on amazing vintage!).  For instance, the plaid dress I liked was $28.95 - if it had been under $15-20, I would have more seriously considered purchasing in light of the pulling. However, if you're simply looking for prices you could find on a clearance rack at your normal mall stores, this would suit your fancy.  Greene Street is actually a chain with multiple locations in NJ and the greater Philadelphia area - I'd love to check other locations out to see what their stock is like.  Apparently they have a men's only store in Chesnut Hill - maybe I'll bring my sweetheart and get his opinion!

My stop at Greene Street was a fun way to end my nice summer day in Red Bank.  I know I barely scratched the surface of fun shopping in this town - I'll be sure to report back when I return for some more serious hunting!

Until the next adventure,

xoxo, Bettie

P.S. - Red Bank is 15 minutes away from one of my favorite places in the world, Delicious Orchards, so you bet I made a pass on my way home.  If you come to this area, don't leave without the world's best cider donuts and pies!


  1. There's a Greene Street near me in Bryn Mawr, and it looks like it's laid out almost identical to this one. I agree with you about the prices being a touch high, but I really do love how well organized everything is there. And, I've made some good money selling stuff to them as well, so no complaints here!



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